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Here's a sneaky trick we use to double our free time and exercise more


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You know that old cliche “every little bit helps”? 

It’s true.... only, most people have a hard time seeing it that way, especially when it comes to healthy habits.

But have a look at this list:

🏡 Vacuuming the house
🌱 Weeding the yard (a.k.a. “gardening” for people who like it)
🐕‍🦺 Taking the dog for an extra walk
🏀 Shooting hoops in the driveway
🤽🏾‍♀️ Playing Marco Polo with the kids (instead of watching them from poolside)

To many people, these might be viewed as hassles or time drains.

But what if, instead, you could find a way to see them as opportunities to move a little more while accomplishing other stuff?

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This slight reframing might inspire you to get more done, have more fun, and increase your daily energy expenditure (more on that below) — all without requiring more time in the gym.

(Essentially, it becomes a two-for-one activity—which is what many of us need to justify making time for self-care.)

This also works for activities you might hate...

Take household chores.

The idea, from University of Pennsylvania scientists, is to pair an activity you feel inclined to do but don’t enjoy (a “should”) with an activity you look forward to doing (a “want”). 

Example: If you save your favorite podcast (want) for when you vacuum (should) but also reframe it as exercise (another should), you accomplish two “shoulds” at once—and get your want, too. 




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But, if you're already exercising, why should you even care about sneaking more movement into your day?


Here's why: it's your secret weapon in achieving long-term health and maintaining a healthy weight, even when you can't hit the gym. It only involves incorporating simple physical activities into your daily routine, and the benefits are profound.


Reason #1: Live longer

In regions known as blue zones, where people live well into their 90s and beyond, a common factor is their natural movement.

Daily chores like gardening and grocery shopping contribute to their longevity. You don't have to have a gym to extend your lifespan; instead, focus on moving naturally throughout your day.


Reason #2: Manage your weight

For effective weight management, it's crucial to find a balance between energy input and output. Traditional exercise may not always increase overall energy expenditure due to a phenomenon called "compensation."

This is where NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) steps in. Increasing NEAT, such as standing more or taking the stairs, plays a key role in long-term weight maintenance.


Here are a few other ways to move more during the day and increase your NEAT: 

  1. Choose the stairs over the elevator

  2. Walk or cycle for your daily commute, or for short errands 

  3. Park farther away and walk

  4. Stand more than you sit 

  5. Take walking breaks (especially if you sit at a desk all day)

Embrace these simple changes, sit less, and pave the way for a longer, healthier life!



Team Natural Wellness
Post by Team Natural Wellness
Jan 22, 2024 2:37:21 PM