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Maddy Beckett - August Athlete of the Month!

Aug 09, 2021

Talk about a powerhouse. Maddy Beckett ended her sophomore volleyball season at Kansas Wesleyan University as a First Team All-Conference player after working her way up to Varsity starter and six rotation player last year at Kansas Wesleyan. 

 “I grew up in a family of athletes so I have always been very active. However, my true fitness journey started when I became a collegiate athlete and wanted to take my performance to the next level.”

A Halstead native, Maddy studies business management at KWU and just wrapped up a summer internship at Spirit Aerosystems. 

“After I graduate, my goal is to become a director of a senior living facility. I’m passionate about sports, my faith, and connecting with others. And I love my family and friends!”

Her favorite way to stay fit is through playing sports. 

“It doesn’t feel like actual exercise,” she says. “I also enjoy Crossfit and Zumba. And thanks to Griffin, I have developed a love for weightlifting this summer. Any type of exercise with my family or friends is more enjoyable to me!”

Maddy’s worked unrelentingly to improve her performance and isn’t stopping any time soon. 

“I’m always looking to improve my athletic performance and overall health,” she says. “A goal I’m working towards right now is increasing my vertical by another inch or more.”

Prior to playing competitive sports, Maddy was a ballet dancer. 

“I was not interested in playing sports and was not competitive at all. That has definitely changed!”

Her motivation to work out goes beyond performance, competition and sports.  

“Exercising makes me feel strong and capable,” she says “It boosts my confidence in all aspects of life. I like pushing my limits and surprising myself with what I’m capable of. It is rewarding to see hard work pay off. Also, I’m trying to develop a healthy lifestyle now so I can sustain it and stay active as I get older.”

With her experience playing on a team, Maddy understands the importance of finding accountability partners and joining groups to stay motivated. 

“It makes exercising more fun,” she says. “Set small, attainable goals to prevent burn out and to challenge yourself. Also, switch up activities and don’t be afraid to try something new.”