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June Athlete of the Month: Kerry Fahnestock

Imagine a life filled with energy, adventure, and a deep love for fitness. 

That’s a reality for Kerry Fahnestock, a mom, inspiring educator, and fitness enthusiast who juggles all her roles all while spreading a contagious passion for fitness and well-being. 

"I'm a parent to a beautiful twenty-year-old daughter and two handsome step-sons. I'm married to a wonderful partner who supports all of my crazy adventures,” she says. “I have been teaching Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Environmental Issues at Butler Community College for over 20 years. I also have a special place in my heart for animals, especially dogs."

Originally, Kerry got into fitness in hopes of changing her appearance. 

“[It] was a way to make myself look 'better,' though that goal seemed ever-unattainable. 'Better' always seemed to be over the next hurdle, as it was rather ill-defined." 

However, as Kerry discovered the joy of shared interests and connections with others, fitness transformed into a lifestyle. 

"After a while, the pursuit of fitness brought about relationships with people who had similar interests, and it became a way of life rather than something that needed to be checked off a list."

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When it comes to staying fit, Kerry has enjoyed all kinds of activities. 

“Variety is the spice of life! Lately, I've been focusing on running, Coach Dibbs Fit - which is similar to CrossFit but with less risk of injury - yoga, hiking, and lots of golf."

Kerry’s proudest fitness achievement was completing IronMan Louisville in 2015. Looking ahead, she says she doesn’t have anything specific in mind as far as fitness goals go. 

“I'm always striving to improve my mobility. As I get older, I believe maintaining mobility is crucial to continue enjoying the activities I love."

She often jokes that exercise is what keeps her sane and admits there is an element of truth to that. 

“I simply feel better when I have exerted myself physically during the day. Unlike some of my less-active peers, I don't struggle with sleep issues or anxiety, and I attribute that to daily exercise." 

Her advice to others? 

"Keep moving in whatever way works for you. The best exercise is the one you enjoy and can consistently do. Personally, I find inspiration in the older women who continue playing golf into their 70s, 80s, and beyond. They remind me that getting older doesn't mean giving up on the things you love."


Ready to keep conquering the things YOU love to do with less pain, more mobility, and your best performance yet? 

Team Natural Wellness
Post by Team Natural Wellness
June 27, 2023