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Dancing Through Life: A Ballet Enthusiast's Journey of Passion, Perseverance, and Pilates


In a world where athleticism is often associated with youth, Kathy Mosley defies the norms at the age of 73. Her story is one of unwavering dedication to the art of ballet, fueled by a lifetime of passion and an indomitable spirit.

“I am so grateful to have been active my entire life, thanks to encouraging parents who were energetic, curious, and willing to try new things.” 

Kathy started dancing when she was just three years old. "It wasn't a career for me, but rather a lifelong love affair with the art form."

Ballet, often perceived as graceful and elegant, hides its true nature as an extreme sport. Kathy knows this firsthand. "No one naturally stands with turned-out feet or leaps multiple times on one leg," she explains. "It takes immense strength, balance, and precision."

In fact, she says ballet embraces 3 important athletic lessons: “[It] engages the brain to learn and remember intricate choreography, then the dancer needs to fit these steps into the rhythms and crescendos of the music or “musicality” to tell the story;  finally the execution of these steps is determined by the dancer’s skill, training, strength, balance, artistry, and precision.”

Her journey hasn't been without obstacles. At 60, a torn meniscus threatened to derail her passion. "It slowed me some but still, I continued to dance for several more years before that leg became just too unstable and painful," she says. "I credit 20 years of cross training with Pilates instruction for having afforded me such a remarkably long run in a demanding sport."

Kathy's resilience and determination are evident in her proudest accomplishments. "Dancing in the Nutcracker Ballet for 24 seasons, and I didn’t begin to audition for that until I was in my mid-40’s.”

She danced the role of a parent in the Party Scene, Act I and created the character, the Party “drunk.”

Another proud moment was auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance at the age of 60. 

Despite being twice the age limit, Kathy's goal for this audition was clear: to learn from world-class choreographers and push her limits. "If I didn’t make it to the Final 10 and the journey stopped at the end of that learning week -  that’s ok -my goal was worthy. 

“I took 18 months to dance, train, cross train, and to focus on this audition goal.  I needed to get my strength, precision, speed, and double and triple pirouettes back.”

Did she dance like she was 25? 

“Of course not, but my ‘Pointeless Ballet’ audition solo to the music of Mason Williams’, Classical Gas allowed me to survive two cuts, and to make it in front of the judges. 

In the end, Kathy was sent home “‘because of exceeding the participation age limit,’ but it was with a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.”   

Today, unable to dance due to her missing meniscus, Kathy has redirected her energy towards other pursuits. "Hiking, walking, snorkeling and lots of travel to primitive areas," she says. "I am hoping that working with Natural Wellness will give me the tools and strength to continue to be active on my own terms. I believe I am on my way!” 

Kathy's story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a positive mindset. As she continues her journey, she inspires others to defy limitations and dance through life with grace and determination.

Team Natural Wellness
Post by Team Natural Wellness
Apr 18, 2024 11:34:39 AM