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Shoulder pain vs neck pain? Quick at home test!

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It's still #Neck and #Shoulder month here at NWP—

So all you folks with tech-neck and tension migraines should DEFINITELY take this quick diagnostic test to find the source of your upper extremity pain.

Location: any wall

Equipment: small ball

Time to complete: Hardly any at all



You may have heard of something called referred pain. This is when the perceived location of your pain is different than the actual source of said pain.

There are a few pathways to experience referred pain in the upper extremities. This test will help you start to find out the real source of that pain!

If you've been struggling with this issue for a while, reach out to us! We'd be glad to share more tips on how to start fixing this pain as soon as today.


Dr. Clayton Dir, PT, DPT
Post by Dr. Clayton Dir, PT, DPT
October 27, 2023
Clayton earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2020 from Wichita State allowing him to combine his love for the human body and helping clients improve their health while building strength and resiliency. “I thoroughly enjoy walking the path alongside my client and guiding him or her to being in control of his or her health.” After experiencing the “traditional” line of physical therapy in other outpatient clinics, he knew there was a more client-centered approach that could provide long-term access to care and improved results. “Our current medical system often prioritizes injections and surgeries over conservative care. After helping numerous clients eliminate pain and return to their activities, I’m confident there are many cases that can avoid unnecessary surgeries” Clayton is trained in a variety of manual therapy techniques and certified in Functional Dry Needling. In his time away from the clinic he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, with adventure and activities such as working out, hiking, kayaking, yard games, and anything new to stay active. He also enjoys vacations of all kinds from weekend road trips to cruises!