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Meet the Team

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We help active people in Wichita recover from injuries, move better, and stay fit without needing medications, injections, or surgery.


Dr. Courtney Morse, PT, DPT

Courtney received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Wichita State University (2011) and was drawn to his profession by his life-long fascination with the procress of healing and sports performance.

“I wanted to be able to provide people with tangible results,” he says.

“We take a whole body approach to peoples' health and wellness in our practice. I have the unique opportunity to spend an hour of one-on-one time with my clients to address their initial injury but then we go well beyond that."

"I want to a human body consultant for my clients, an objective advisor that can help them find the best personal solutions for their individual situation." he says.

He takes a proactive approach to care to ensure at the end of the experience, the client can go back to their sport or lifestyle activity of choice.

"There's a difference between functional and optimal. For people in our community, functional isn't good enough!

Courtney is specially trained and certified to perform Functional Dry Needling, numerous manual therapies, and is certified in managing the needs for athletes of all levels.

He is distinguished for his growing reputation for helping people alleviate chronic pain, particularly low back pain, knee pain and neck pain, quickly and then helping people get back to activities they love doing. Many of his clients at the beginning of their engagement with his services believed they would never be free of pain again, after having tried many other therapies.

He is happily married to his wife, Rebekah, has two great kids, Henry and Claire, and a dog, Cody. He enjoys trail running, mountain biking, and lifting weights. He is a local Scoutmaster and a very below-average piano player.


Dr. Clayton Dir, PT, DPT

Clayton earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2020 from Wichita State allowing him to combine his love for the human body and helping clients improve their health while building strength and resiliency.

“I thoroughly enjoy walking the path alongside my client and guiding him or her to being in control of his or her health”

After experiencing the “traditional” line of physical therapy in other outpatient clinics, he knew there was a more client-centered approach that could provide long-term access to care and improved results.

“Our current medical system often prioritizes injections and surgeries over conservative care. After helping numerous clients eliminate pain and return to their activities, I’m confident there are many cases that can avoid unnecessary surgeries”

Clayton is trained in a variety of manual therapy techniques and certified in Functional Dry Needling.

In his time away from the clinic he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, with adventure and activities such as working out, hiking, kayaking, yard games, and anything new to stay active. He also enjoys vacations of all kinds from weekend road trips to cruises!



Dr. Allison Bullinger, PT, DPT

Allison received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Wichita State University (2022) after completing her undergrad in Kinesiology at Kansas State University. 

Working as a CNA throughout her undergrad program, she saw first hand the life-long struggles that people faced with their health and wellness. 

"I was motivated to get people healthy and stay that way throughout their lives. It pains me to see people struggle and feel like they're just extending their life. I want to help people improve their quality of life and thrive."

Allison takes a nuanced approach to client care and focuses on the mental as much as the physical. 

"I have the chance to help clients feel stronger and more confident in their body; Help them understand how resilient and capable they really are!"

Allison is AAMT Dry Needling Certified and has a diverse range of manual therapy training in her tool kit. 

Outside of seeing clients, Allison spends her time doing water sports, running and spending every opportunity outside. She tries to stay involved in the community and support local small businesses.



Rebekah Morse, Certified Nutrition Coach

Rebekah is the People Operations Manager at Natural Wellness Physiotherapy and a Nutrition Coach for Natural Wellness clients. Having taught in public schools for 13 years and overcome her own personal health struggles, she uses the skills she developed as an educator, strategies she’s learned on her journey and her nutrition training to coach clients to improve their eating and lifestyle habits.

“I really enjoy working with clients who are done with diets and ready to achieve their health and wellness goals in a way that makes sense for them, that is realistic for their unique life and is sustainable so they can feel their best long-term.”

Rebekah has helped clients lose weight, reduce medications, improve their bloodwork, gain energy, build confidence in making food choices, recover faster and improve their athletic performance.

“The best part of my job is knowing people are improving their long-term health. I also love helping people navigate and power through the hard times, which are always a part of making real, lasting change.”

Rebekah enjoys traveling with her family, running, hiking, mountain biking and photography.



Tina Chaney, Client Liaison

Tina is originally from the Wichita area, but spent the past 10 years around the KC metroplex and Dallas Fort Worth area. Last spring, she moved back to be closer to family, and during the move, she flared up orthopedic issues with her hip. (She'd had it surgically re-shaped 6-7 years ago.)

For a few months, she wasn't able to walk very far —less than a quarter mile— without limping and in a lot of pain afterwards too. She was stretching her tight hip flexor without any results.

Tina started coming to NWPT in the fall, and their unique approach, guidance, and therapies is what finally started making a difference! She continued working with the therapists at NWPT and has now been able to sign up for a 5K!

When she learned that the Client Liaison position had opened up, she knew she had to jump on it.

She has a passion for helping people & she knows firsthand how much this approach helps people— not only with their current physical ailments, but with overall health, wellness, & injury prevention.

As the client liaison, she provides the link from the phone to the therapists, and she gets to witness the dramatic changes in not only people's pain, but their attitude and overall happiness after working with the skilled practitioners and nutritionists at NWPT.

She lives with her husband and two pups. Her two bonus "kids" live in Texas & they enjoy visiting them frequently. She enjoys taking walks, going to her nieces' sports events, glamping in their RV, spending time with family, reconnecting with friends, and dog sitting.


Melissa Fitzgerald, Asst. Client Liaison

Melissa serves the Natural Wellness Team as the Assistant Client Liaison. She assists Tina with day-to-day operations and helps keep the team organized!

She has a beautiful singing voice, can go toe to toe with the best at board games and will always be a K-State fan.  

Melissa has a Bachelor’s Degree from Cameron University in Human Ecology. She and her family have moved back and forth across the country several times in support of her husbands’ career, but they have now settled in the Wichita area. 

Melissa and her husband have three daughters and an old hound dog. When she’s not running kids to tennis practice or Irish Dance class, she enjoys reading, walking/hiking and gardening.


Text or call us at 316-290-9158 to start your healing journey with us today.