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Surgery should be your last resort. The answer to your pain is to stop it at its source!

Dec 27, 2022

Medications, injections, and surgery don't have to be your first option. They shouldn't be your first option.

Unfortunately, these options are often seen as the end all be all when it comes to pain. The truth is that, with the exception of surgery, these methods will typically mask your body's pain instead of truly getting rid of it.

Surgery is something permanent. Once that knee is replaced there's no going back, and you can be dealing with a fortune in medical bills afterward. Not only that but after your surgery you'll end up in PT for 6-12 weeks anyway!

This is why we encourage PT as the first option. It's an opportunity to not only fix the real cause of the issue for good but to potentially save a small fortune in the process.

Find a PT that shares your goals and wants to see you succeed.