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Would You Wear Crocs to Run a Mile? Proper Footwear!

Dec 13, 2022

Would you wear crocs to run a mile? Flip flops to powerlift? 

The answer is NO! So then why would you wear running shoes to lift in? 

It may not be well known that running shoes can actually make your life more difficult in the gym. 

When we're squatting or deadlifting, having a big squishy sole on our shoe can actually add a great deal of instability.

This could be making lifts significantly more difficult and even increasing chance of injury! 

So what should you be wearing? Flat soled shoes of course! 

Shoes like converse, nobulls or vans are where people generally start, but there are plenty of options out there.

If you're struggling with finding the right shoes to lift in, send us a message and we'd be glad to help!