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A quality provider treats your pain like a car leaking oil. Here's why.

healthcare hip pain holistic treatment knee pain low back pain physical therapy Mar 09, 2023

Low back pain. Plantar fasciitis. Knee pain. Hip pain. Bursitis.

Bulging disc. Pinched nerve. Shoulder pain.

Headaches. IT band syndrome. Impingement.

Shin splints. Tendonitis. TMJ dysfunction.

The list can go on. And on. And. On.

If you developed pain recently, what is your course of action? I mean, after googling whatever issue you are having, ending up on WebMD, and getting scared it’s a major problem. (It probably isn’t.)

The options are endless—

Do you go to your doctor? Buy the fancy product you saw on Shark Tank? Take an extra dose of Ibuprofen and hope it disappears? Ask friends and family if they’ve had this pain before and what they did to help it?

There's an overwhelming theme here: Most of these avenues over-promise and under-deliver on results, or they ‘band-aid’ the signal your body is sending you and neglect the root of the issue. 

I’ve been there. I get it. You want this pain gone. NOW.

Is your primary doc the right answer? How soon could they get you in for an appointment? How long will you sit and wait in the office before you actually get seen? How long will they be able to listen to what’s going on before you’re given a script for pain meds and left, still, with no answers?

You don’t want pain meds. You don’t want injections. And you DEFINITELY don’t want surgery. Who has the time, money, or desire for that? 


Here’s your fix for low back pain!


Is your local chiropractor the answer? You’ve been popped before and it didn’t really help or the pain just came back days or weeks later. Plus, do you have any better understanding of what got you here in the first place? Most likely not.

(Before you read this and think I’m bashing on all chiropractors, and saying they’re out to pop you, get your money, and move on to the next— that’s not the case. They are professionals at manipulating joints, but that’s not what every patient needs. When indicated, it’s a fantastic and necessary intervention. It’s simply not necessary as often as patients are going.)


You are not alone

I want you to know you are not alone. You want to be able to take care of your own body, and you want to do so naturally without more medications. You want to know WHY. Why does my body ache? 

Imagine with me for a sec...

You are about to go on a road trip so you decide to check your oil in your car. You notice it is low, so you immediately top it off and hit the road. You have ‘fixed’ the problem at hand, but you notice two days later the oil is low again. 

You add oil, yet again, and continue on. You’re growing annoyed with this issue until you decide to take it to the shop to get a professional eye on your car. Why do you do this? Because you want to find the root cause of the problem at hand. They take the time to diagnose the cause of the oil leak, fix it at the source, top off your oil tank, and come back to you to describe what they did. 


Do you see? The low oil in this story is the pain you’re experiencing. Refilling the oil is taking medications, getting injections, getting your back popped at the chiropractor.

These symptom relievers are not fixing the root cause of your pain. Making sure you are getting yourself to the correct provider is the biggest key to solving your "oil leak." 

Figuring this out is not quite as easy as putting oil in a car, though. It takes time to dive into when the pain started, the activities you’re participating in, your past medical history and previous injuries, and the GOALS that you're being held back from. 

A Quality Physical Therapist is Your Answer

I know what you’re thinking.

"A physical therapist is someone who just works with people learning to walk again... someone you go see after you get surgery.

And, don't you need a referral from a doctor to go to one?

It probably won’t help anyway."

WRONG. (Click the link for proof!)

In Kansas, you don't need a referral. Crazy right? Physical therapists not only have the ability to evaluate and diagnose your injury, but they are better equipped than general practice physicians to handle musculoskeletal conditions. 

I know I’m bringing a lot of new information to you— Here at Natural Wellness Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to educating as many people as we can, so please contact us with any questions you have!

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During a physical therapist's doctorate-level education, the primary focus is the musculoskeletal system... which is a fancy way of saying all your muscles and bones, and the way your body moves as a whole. 


Remember, here at Natural Wellness Physiotherapy, we are able to spend a full hour with you at each visit. This takes the pressure off of you trying to spill your entire life story in the average time spent with a doctor: 15 minutes

Now, think back to that car that had the oil leak.

When it comes to musculoskeletal pain, a high-quality physical therapist is the best-equipped specialist to evaluate, diagnose, and treat you. Not only can we “fix your leak”, but we help educate you on the source of the issue and provide you tools to take care of yourself long-term. 


“All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves”

-Kelly Starrett PT, DPT


Speaking of self-maintenance... you may be someone who still wants to attack this issue on your own. Are you currently living with low back pain? We want to provide you a source of tangible information that you can trust! 

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