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November Athlete of the Month - Cassie McKamey

Nov 19, 2021

Cassie McKamey has always been an active individual. 

“Growing up I did gymnastics, swimming, soccer, track and color guard,” she says. 

In her early 20s, she fell out of her fitness routine. So what got her back into it? 

Dance. She has always enjoyed dancing and when she was 21, she found hula hoop dancing, which is what sparked some excitement. She built up to being a performer and flow artist.

Cassie ran a hula hoop business for 3 years and at one time was hired professionally to perform hula hoop dancing. 

Things took a turn when she became a mom, and her new priority was her work in the food service industry. 

“While I still hooped for fun I found running and yoga to be more suitable for my energy levels.” 

Cassie enjoyed yoga and running for years but then everything came to a halt when she injured her back in the kitchen in 2016. She battled it for 4 years trying to help herself, but then in 2020 her world changed when she met Dr. Clayton Dir at Natural Wellness. 

Cassie and Dr.Clayton worked as a team to get her out of pain and back to crushing her goals! 

Now she is training for her 3rd 5k: the Gobble 5k virtual run and is running pain free. 

Cassie’s goals are to run three or four 5Ks a year, summit a mountain, and someday run a half marathon. A long-term goal would be bringing joy to peoples’ lives by leading yoga classes! 

Cassie has great advice for others working to be more active. 

“Don’t let certain ideas about what your fitness level ‘should look like’ hold you back! Remember, fitness needs to fuel your life. It does not get to be the boss of your life; you are the boss of your own fitness journey.” 

Cassie is an exceptional human being who we as a team have been lucky to work with. Her positivity is contagious. 

“Don’t be afraid to fail, let yourself off the hook, and always give yourself loving grace!”