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Happy feet and ankles = better running (Calf eccentrics tutorial)

achilles calf calf pain eccentric exercises foot pain pain free runner tutorial video Mar 07, 2023

Happy feet and ankles = better running. It’s just a fact!


If you keep stretching your calves hoping those annoying pains in your Achilles or heels will eventually disappear, you may be missing one small piece. 


We love eccentric (aka negative) exercises because they force athletes to slow down and strengthen muscles in a controlled manner. 


Give these calf eccentrics a try to build strength and rid your lower legs of those aches and pains so you can keep running (and even walk the rest of the day without limping! 😉


We’re here to help you be the best runner you can be and can create a tailored plan so you can continue doing what you love, pain-free.