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Blackburns the Gateway exercise to Scapular Stability

Aug 27, 2021

Find it difficult to stabilize your scapulas and feel in control when moving your arms?

This week Dr. Clayton Dir walks you through a detailed explanation of Blackburns. This is a 6 exercise circuit. Each exercise is performed after the other with minimal rest. The exercises are performed in isometric fashion, meaning you are holding a muscular contraction without moving through any range of motion. You can start with 10 second holds for each of the 6 exercises, and then eventually as you adapt you can start working your way up to 20 seconds per hold. These are brutal and you should feel most of the burn in the middle of your back in between your scapulas. You will also feel it a little in your rear deltoids as well.

This exercise requires no equipment, very little space and doesn't take very long. Another positive benefit of the blackburns is that they are easy to learn. Isometric exercises are great at the beginning stages of rehabbing injuries when moving through specific range of motions elicit symptoms. But with an isometric there is no movement so often times you can stress the muscles that you want to undergo adaptations without eliciting any symptoms!!

Go ahead and check out this video to help you move better with less limitations!!