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'Wild idea' by 62-year-old athlete inspires female powerlifting community

athlete of the month community over 50 and fit powerlifting strength training Dec 19, 2022
62-year-old athlete Becky Brummet lifts a weighted barbell. Becky started strength training 4 years ago as a way to combat joint problems, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Four years ago, at the age of 58, Becky Brummet struggled to walk very far due to a bad knee, arthritis and osteoporosis, which she says is prevalent in her family. 


“[With all of that plus] a rod and plate in my arm from a broken elbow and Grave’s disease,” Becky says, “I decided I had to do something so I didn’t end up an invalid.”


That’s when she started strength training and nutrition coaching at GoTime Training with Jelly. 


“I fell in love with the big 3 lifts and had the wild idea to do a powerlifting competition at 60,” she says. 


Her “wild idea” turned out to be an inspiration for other women at her gym to join in as well, which is one of Becky’s proudest achievements. 


“The powerlifting community is so encouraging and welcoming, no matter how heavy you lift,” she says. 

Becky says strength training and powerlifting have not only reversed her osteoporosis but have been beneficial for her emotional and mental health as well. 


“Even though starting out in my fitness journey was difficult and I was nervous,” she says, “looking back now it has flown by and I’m amazed how I am stronger and more fit now than even in my twenties, which shows it is never too late to start.”


Becky has stepped outside of her comfort zone these last four years.


“I was a music major in college; growing up I was never athletic or participated in sports, and still today am uncoordinated,” she says.


Despite that, she has taken on new and exciting activities on what she calls her  “late-in-life-fitness journey,” including Conquer the Gauntlet.


Now, at the age of 62, Becky says her dream is to be involved with starting an affordable strength training/powerlifting group.


“[It could potentially be a non-profit] and be open to women of all ages who have been sexual assault, trauma and abuse victims,” she says. “I know how the feeling of empowerment, confidence and strength - not only physically, but even more importantly emotionally and mentally, that can come from powerlifting.”


Becky is married to her husband of 34 years, John, whom she says, “I love more every day!” 


“We have four amazing children: Christina, Monica, Joshua and Nicholas, as well as three dogs, including two crazy Huskies!”