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Varsity senior Kayden Embry is his own kind of “Iron Man” (and our April Athlete of the Month)

athlete of the month baseball dr clayton hip hip pain hip strengthening shoulder surgery recovery wichita athletes Apr 27, 2023

Maybe it won’t surprise you to hear that the Bishop Carroll senior with a Cal Ripken quote in his Twitter bio is a fan of baseball. 


But Kayden Embry lives and breathes it. He’s been on the field for 15 years, now playing varsity with a .375 batting average.


The road to the top has been paved with wins— like the Golden Eagles’ 11-1 season so far.


Kayden’s put a lot into this team and this sport. Including, maybe, the health of his muscles and ligaments. 



When he came to Natural Wellness Physiotherapy, he was struggling to play baseball without pain.


“Specifically, I wasn’t able to throw, jump or move laterally,” Kayden said.


He had worked HARD to get back to the field after 3 major hip surgeries and an arm injury. 


The road was grueling— hip surgery means a minimum of 8 weeks recovery, and often more. We were damn impressed when he came in to NWPT with his range of motion where it was! 


But he was looking for that last little bit of support he needed to regain full mobility. 


Enter: Dr. Clayton. 


Together, Clayton and Kayden worked to strengthen his hip and shoulder muscles with targeted conditioning and exercises…


…And now Kayden’s got. it. DOWN.



His next goals are simple: rebuild strength from his prior surgeries, and focus on staying active, healthy, and pain free.


“I couldn’t have done this without Clayton,” Kayden said. “He’s helped me come a long way. Even though there is still more work to be done, I’m very grateful to have found him.”


Now he’s back on the field, hitting triples and delivering 70-mph pitches as he finishes out his senior year as a shortstop and first baseman. (Sometimes, he even coaches in junior leagues.)


So if you ask us, Cal Ripken is cool and all, but Kayden Embry is his OWN kind of Iron Man. 


“Don’t ever give up,” he said. “Even when you think it’s too much to come back from, keep fighting, keep pushing yourself.”