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Amanda Young - July Athlete of the Month!

Jul 13, 2021

Amanda Young is crushing it both in the gym and in life. 

She’s a proud mom and stepmom to Isabel (16), Graham (11), Holden (10) and Evelyn (8) and married to the love of her life, Brad. She’s also a dog mom to Ellie and Daisy. 

Amanda works full time as a Senior HR Business Partner, so life can be pretty busy for her. 

“In the little spare time that I have with four kids, two dogs, and a full-time job, I enjoy working out, horseback riding, and spending as much time outside as possible!” she says. “In the summer that is; I am not a fan of winter!”

To stay fit, Amanda most enjoys running and lifting. She got in great shape with CrossFit after having her two kids and has run several marathons, thanks to inspiration from her family. 

“My dad was a long distance runner, so at an early age I fell in love with it as well,” she says.  “I ran my first marathon with him and his two brothers! It was something I will never forget.”

Her next fitness goal?

“Courtney has inspired me to run another marathon while I am 40!” she says. “I turn 40 in August, so I better get my butt in gear!”

Even with a busy life, Amanda still finds time to prioritize exercise. 

“I absolutely love the feeling of hard work, sweat, and feeling like I have accomplished something,” she says. “I hate to miss even a day of exercise and want my children to think that it is just something we do as part of normal everyday life.”

She also makes time to talk with her identical twin sister. 

“It was always fun growing up with your best friend and we still talk every day! We even have those crazy feeling-each-other’s-pain twin stories from throughout the years!”

To stay motivated and excited, Amanda recommends doing exercises and movements you enjoy. 

“When you find something you enjoy, then it’s not work! I look forward to my workouts every single day because I enjoy them so much,” she says. 

However, there are a couple of exercises that don’t make Amanda’s list of enjoyable activities. 

“Burpees and whenever an EMOM turns into an AMRAP. Thanks, Griffin.”

Some day, Amanda would love to go on a safari in Africa. 

“There’s something so beautiful and peaceful about the land and watching animals roam freely.”