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Sitting is the new smoking — Keep your body healthy with one simple daily habit | Four Pillars of Health — Movement

4 pillars of health athletic performance core strengthening daily movement dr courtney funct healthy habits hip strengthening low back strengthening movement pain free runner running video walking May 05, 2023

Got an office job? Tons of homework? Too much time spent folding laundry in front of the TV?


Find out how much you need to move during the day to offset all that time you’re sitting!


We all know that we need to move during the day. Maybe you’ve heard that, "Sitting is the new smoking." 


But— there is actually a lot of gray area around how much we are actually supposed to be moving. 


Check this video out to help learn some ways to get that movement in during your workday.


(P.S.— it’s not too late to get in on our Mile a Day in May marathon challenge for an easy way to check off your daily movementClick here to check it out!)