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3 no-equipment moves you can do NOW to ease low back pain | LBP Home Exercises

at home exercises blog chronic pain dr allison function friday low back exercises low back pain low back strengthening video Apr 25, 2023


Does the pain and stiffness in your lower back make it difficult to perform even simple movements, like bending down to tie your shoes or reaching for objects on a high shelf?


You can probably feel how much low back pain impacts your ability to exercise and move freely.


It's super frustrating, right? 😓


We know how much dealing with this kind of pain can impact your mental well-being. 


Chronic pain can cause stress, frustration, anxiety, and even depression, especially if it interferes with daily activities.


So here’s something to help: 3 no-equipment moves you can do to ease the pain in your lower back. 




Let us know if these videos are helpful… What do YOU want to know about exercise, movement, physiotherapy, or our practice?  ⬇ 💬


PS— If you've dealt with chronic low back pain, and resting and stretching aren't touching it, we can help! ♡ Call or text us at 316-290-9158, and we'll build you a plan to alleviate the pain and restore mobility so you can get back to feeling your best and moving the way you want.